Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raising Crazy - Loss

Cartoonists Tom Hart and Leela Corman lost their daughter Rosalie Lightning on November 17th.

I don't know Tom or Leela, but I like Tom's cartoons and I feel their loss.

A fund has been set up for anyone wanting to donate a few bucks to Tom and Leela to help them through this tough time. Money won't heal the loss of a child, but maybe not having to worry about paying the rent will help ease some of their burden and allow them to mourn in peace.

Info on the fund here.

Here is Tom's now heartbreaking comic about being a dad.


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Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

It's so sad, and reading your comic : I had the same reaction as you did towards my 5 year old daughter...thanks for visually articulating it.